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Innovation management is the management of the Innovation processes. It's about value creation through all forms of innovation to product, business process, and organizational innovation. Our goal for innovation coaching is to help ignite a culture of innovation by cultivating a suitable environment to encourage innovation.

We want to help your company position itself for success by having a well managed innovation strategy. Our processes is about helping you to put in place a innovation management process that is measurable and will build lasting value to your business.


Start with determining your current position and mapping out your innovation processes.


The best way to deliver innovation is to know where you are going, and when you plan on being there.


Get everyone on the same page, and provide your team with the tools required to consistently deliver on innovation projects.


Next step is to get up and running. A design sprint is one of the most affective ways to begin a new project, or jump start a stalled one.


Keep your team ontrack and motivated with well timed and expertly facilitated workshops.


What it all comes down to is having a culture of innovation that is self sustaining. This is done through processes with measurable KPIs.

From the beginning to the end of your innovation journey we are there to support and coach you through the entire process.

We will be with you when you first start to identify your problem and build a robust set of constraints. We will be with you when you first start to identify your problem and build a robust set of constraints. Standing with your team as they journey through the valley of doubt, we will coach you on the best path up and out.

We believe that for all innovations the user should come first, that is why we utilize the design thinking methodologies to help you deliver outstanding innovations in a repeatable methodology.

So if you are ready to ignite a culture of innovation in your organization then contact us today and let’s begin that journey today.


We offer a variaty of services that allow us to support your team. The goal of all of our services is to ignite a culture of innoation.


You are the best at what you do, we want to help you be better and deliver your best innovations everytime


We will roll up our sleves and facilitate workshops for you, these can be for training or for work on a project


Witha history of keynote speaking around the world, allow us to share our insights and stories at your next event

Design Sprints

The best way to get something moving is to just start working on it, we will facilitate a desing sprint to get you up and running


We will help you to first understand where you want to go, and then what you need to do to get there

Startup Advising

Startups are build on innovation, delivering that innovation's value to the market is where we can help



Part of igniting a culture of innovation is sharing the resources you have.


Innovation management is only as good as the your processes. Here is a collection of tools to help you build consistant innovations.

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Each podcast is a presentation of a single problem that will help you stretch your imagination and critical thinking skills before you start problem solving.

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Our blog is a collection of posts that aim to ignite your imagination towards building a culture of innovation.

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Find our collection of what we consider to be some of the best books on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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The Soap Box Rocket team is here to help you ignite a culture of innovation inside of your company.

Craig Damlo

Craig Damlo has an extensive background in innovation and new product development. He specializes in using the human-centered design principles of design thinking. He brings this “customer first” approach to innovation management, empathizing with customers, and understanding the problems to be solved before a product or system is developed.

Previously, he led a corporate innovation center for one of the largest aerospace suppliers in the world targeting cabin/cockpit systems as well as spacecraft systems, collaborating with development teams across three continents and customers across six continents.

Craig earned his undergraduate degree in physics and math from one of the top private universities in the American Midwest and completed a graduate program in innovation and entrepreneurship at Stanford University.


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Metroid doesn't have any former education, but she has drooled on many textbooks in her time.

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