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Innovation Coaching

Great teams and great individuals all have one thing in common: a great coach. As your innovation coach, I can help you across a multitude of topics. I can help you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, as well as help identify the small moves that must be made for successful innovation development.


If you don't know what you have, how can you determine what you need? I will inventory/map out your current process and identify what is actually being done. After an analysis, I will identify the holes and collaborate with you to fill them. You will see a direct improvement in your innovation output and efficiency.


Brainstorming formulas rarely work because every session must be customized to the issue and group at hand. I will facilitate your ideation session with solid goals and actionable outcomes.


Innovation is a journey. When everyone understands where they're going, it's easier to get there. I can develop an innovation strategy specific to your company's needs and help create a culture that will continue to drive your business through innovation.

Problem Identification

A problem can't be solved if it hasn't been defined. Before helping to finding a solution, I will analyze your current challenges and identify the constraints that we must work within, leading to a more robust and complete solution.

Public Speaking

Please contact me directly for public speaking engangements. From personal groups to large auditoriums, I can speak to your group on a variety of topics, including problem-solving methods and how to match innovation with strategy.


Soap Box Rocket is an innovation consultancy founded and operated by Craig Damlo.

Soap Box Rocket was founded to ignite a culture of innovation across a wide range of industries. Craig does this by analyzing a client's current innovation workflow to create an environment conducive to capturing, cultivating, and applying innovative ideas. By igniting a culture of innovation, clients no longer have to start at ground zero.

As an innovation evangelist, Craig influences and fuels strategies that cultivate a culture of open innovation. He hold degrees in physics and mathematics and spent a decade developing innovative products for a highly regulated market, was involved in experimental flight test, developed new rules and regulations for the aerospace industry, and was instrumental as the director of an innovation group. He is also a licensed ham (KU7CAD), a tinkerer and a maker, an amateur photographer, and a former pyrotechnician. Craig is a failed juggler.



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Igniting a culture of innovation



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